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Champalimaud’s Grandiose Palazzo Della Luna

Champalimaud Design is a New York-based award-winning studio that intends on telling an involving story with each design. Champalimaud allows the spaces they transform to express their individuality through exceptional design.

Throughout its career, Champalimaud has worked with clients in order to create transcendent interiors that are not only design staples but also unparalleled experiences.


Among these outstanding projects, you’ll be able to find Palazzo Della Luna. Standing over the Miami shoreline, on Fisher Island, Palazzo Della Luna is a set of luxury residences “designed for opulent living“. Front-facing the ocean, the Palazzo had everything it needed to be a staple in luxurious living – it just needed interiors as luscious as the view, and that’s when Champalimaud stepped in.


Champalimaud‘s vision for Palazzo Della Luna is a testimony to the studio’s talent when it comes to creating timeless transcending interiors that equally combine comfort, lavishness and style. Champalimaud‘s empyreal design is a nod to the Pallazo‘s luxurious lobby and lounge areas, highlighting and amplifying the motifs that make those areas feel so indulgent.


Making use of a suave cream neutral colour palette, Champalimaud translates the ocean breeze felt on the Palazzo’s terraces to a feeling of airiness that you feel while lounging in your apartment. Nevertheless, Champalimaud also makes use of vibrant pops of colour, reminiscent of Miami’s visual culture, which is known for being bright and colourful.


Champalimaud‘s effortless capacity to combine luxury and comfort is evident throughout the entirety of the apartments but takes centre stage in the bedrooms and bathrooms. In these rooms, you can clearly observe how Champalimaud prioritized the well-being of home-owners-to-be. In the bedroom, the concept of homeliness in introduced through the large use of cushioned upholstery, as opposed to harsher materials, the use of warm colours in order to provide a sense of warmth and the large cream carpet that nearly covers the wooden floor.

Maison Valentina Lapiaz Freestanding


Champalimaud's Grandiose Palazzo Della Luna

Palazzo Della Luna is an absolute dream for those who appreciate a good luxury bathroom. In the master suite pictured above, Champalimaud has set a white crisp floating vanity against a single stand-out marble wall with a lit-up frameless mirror. Here, the studio allows the comfort to transpire through the accessibility and ease of use of the double washbasin, with a mirror on each side, allowing two people to use the bathroom at once as if it was theirs only.

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